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Freya "Pants" Girl Dog

Bend, Oregon

Passed 09/11/2016

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Freya Pants Girl Dog past away on September 11th, 2016 at the age of 10. Freya past on from complications of thymoma myasthenia gravis at the Animal ER Center in Bend, OR with her papa David by her side. Freya is survived by her Papa Dave, her younger sister Cali, The Lady (Kaylin Jensen) and her step sisters Mayko and Crumb.

Freya pants was dropped off at Davids house many years ago after the woman he was helping train Freya, could no longer care for her.

David gave Freya the chance to ski, swim and run in some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world! Freya was absolutely enthralled by David up until her last breath.

When people saw Freya they would instantly be attracted to the beauty of her coat and the welcoming manner of her eyes. Her ears would go to the side and her tail would wag when anyone put their hand out.

It was only Freya's family who knew of her relentless antics and sense of humor. There is no way to describe, create a visual image, nor the time to let everyone in on Freya's humor.

Freya was given more time with her family, thanks to amazing doctors and because of Freya's need to be with her pack. Kaylin and David gave Freya the surgery that was necessary for Her to make a full recovery from what is a horrible and devastating disease. David and Kaylin had very high hopes of Freya recovering and being symptom free. Kaylin and David have been devistated by Freya's sudden death. Their home has been very quiet since Freya's passing and they are still grieving.

David and Kaylin have planted a tree along the fence line where Freya spent her time looking out for her pack (swipe left on the main photo of Freya)

If you would like to help David and Kaylin please visit Freya's GoFundme page to leave comments and post picture of your own pets and stories to help us all remember, we are not alone when it comes to grieving our pets.

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