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In Loving Memory of

Stefano "Steve" Bonifacio Arnaudo

Richmond, California
United States

02/07/1928 - 02/25/2011

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Steve was born in Fresno, California to John and Mary Arnaudo. As a child he moved all over California settling in Richmond, where he graduated from Richmond High. He then joined the United States Maritime Service. While in the Maritime Service, he met the love of his life Tina at a YMI/YLI Broom Dance. They were married. Steve enlisted in the Navy and was honorably discharged shortly before the birth of his oldest of three daughters. He then put his love for numbers and math to good use becoming a banker for Wells Fargo, where he worked for 37 years before retiring. After retiring, he spent much of his time with his six grandchildren. He was a devoted member of ICF and LUSO, and cooked on a regular basis at local Galileo club as well as volunteering at St. Vincent de Paul. He loved traveling with his wife and friends, and loved a good game of cards. Steve was known as the life of the party. He could weave a story about the most mundane thing into an adventure. He had a way of lighting up a room and making people he had just met feel like they had know him for years. He had a love for life that was contagious. He loved good food, wine, friends, and his family.

He was patriarch of our family. Anyone who knew him has their own special memories of him. Mine are filled with Italian lullabies, make believe, card games, summer days in Santa Cruz, miniature golf, baseball games, stories, car rides adventures, dancing, laughter, and hugs. I will never be able to pick up a deck of cards or go to an A's game without thinking of him. His voice plays over in my mind as I sing one of our favorite songs to my son. I will remember the lessons he taught me about life and love. I am forever grateful of amazing example he showed us of what a husband, father, and grandfather should be. He was special and dear to so many people. He lives on through our memories and constant retelling of stories of his life. He is loved and dearly missed.

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