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In Loving Memory of

Albertina "Tina" Marie Arnaudo

Richmond, California

12/24/1927 - 11/05/2013

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Albertina Arnaudo was born at home in San Pablo, California on December 24, 1927, to Manuel and Rosalina Rose. She grew up with her two brothers, Manuel and Robert Rose in the very same house she was born.

Tina was an amazing woman and a bit of a tomboy. At a young age she controlled the neighborhood marble circle and sent boys home crying after winning their whopper and cat eyes. She loved playing football with those same neighborhood hellions clad in a dress which created quite the stir in town. Blowing up the chemistry lab at Richmond High School made for a great story as did playing Norma Rae in the cannery as a young woman championing for equal pay for equal work. She worked at Mechanics Bank in Richmond after graduation.

She met her love of life, Steve Arnaudo at the YMI/YLI broom dance in which she ditched her date in favor of my dad. The rest is history. Tina was a fabulous homemaker and kept a meticulous house. As an ardent baker she made the most delicious cookies and decorated lovely cakes. When all of her three daughters got older she ventured back to work at St. Cornelius as a teacher's aide. She ran the computer lab.

Tina loved her family and her daughters, Karen, Rosemary and Cheryl more than anything else in life. She sacrificed for them. She was a fiercely loyal person. If you needed someone to come to your defense she was the one you'd call. She was black and white - no grey matter with her. You always knew where you stood as she did not mince words. She taught her children what was important in life - God, family, hard work and gratefulness, values that I hold dear today. She was smart and had common sense which is not so common in this day and age.

She adored her six grandchildren, Kerri, Lenae, Casey, Matt , Mike and Alli as well as her great grandchildren and they loved her. After retiring from St. Corneilus, she enjoyed traveling with Steve and their many friends. After Steve passed on February 25, 2011, Tina moved up to Oregon near her daughter, Rosemary and husband, Adam.

On November 5, 2013, Tina went to heaven to be with her love, Steve. We will miss her verve for life and sense of humor. She got funnier as she got older and told funny tales of things we never knew about her life. Mom, we miss seeing and talking with you daily but your memory makes us smile. As with dad, we talk to you inside our heads and know that you will advise us if something does not parse. You were a woman of substance and complex. We cannot pick our families but I would have chosen you, mama. You were the very best.

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