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Shirley King

Shirley Ann King, née Wright, passed away peacefully at home in Tulelake, Calif., Dec. 25, 2014. Born in Maysville, Ark., May 24, 1944, Shirley grew up on a farm with various pets, including a beloved pig. In her teens, she moved to Tulelake, where she married John King and began a family. As her children grew, Shirley acted as a surrogate mother and aunt to many neighborhood children (and adults), who gathered in her home in the early mornings to warm up, grab a bite and enjoy the convivial atmosphere. Those times continued into her grandchildren's childhood. An avid crafter, Shirley filled her loved ones lives with quilts, afghans and appliquéd and punched pillows and was known for keeping the cookie jar filled and cooking with her grandchildren. She is survived by husband, John Franklin King; daughter and son-in-law, Nina King and Adam Bucci; son and daughter-in-law, John Kent King and Michelle King; son and daughter-in-law, Jerry Dwain King and Michelle Baker King; nine grandchildren; four great-grandchildren; brother and sister-in-law, Keith and Teresa Wright; sister, Wrilma Curtis; and numerous nieces and nephews. She is preceded in death by mother, Rowena; father, Loy; and sister and brothers, including Wilkie Hobbs, Elvin Wright, Arnold Wright and Gaylen Wright.

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