Gemelo digital

Reinventa los flujos de trabajo empresariales y visualiza datos del mundo real a través de experiencias digitales, que son interactivas y envolventes, en tiempo real. Aprovecha al máximo tus recursos físicos, los análisis avanzados y facilita la colaboración entre varias plataformas.

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¿Qué es un gemelo digital?

Un gemelo digital es una representación virtual de un sitio, recurso, sistema o proceso físico que es capaz de imitar la condición y el comportamiento de su contraparte del mundo real. Debido a que se enriquece de datos, brinda información para la toma de decisiones al ayudar a comprender el pasado, observar el presente y predecir el futuro.

What is a digital twin?

Digital twins use cases

Credits: Sitowise and Cross Compass

Conectividad en tiempo real, resultados del mundo real

Fortalece tu organización con una solución conectada para revelar y acceder a datos en tiempo real al aprovechar tu ecosistema empresarial actual. Observa cómo los recursos cobran vida cuando se combinan con datos de IoT (Internet de las cosas) en el momento adecuado. Además, aprovecha las actualizaciones en tiempo real del estado operativo y los datos empresariales dentro del contexto 3D de tu sitio o instalación.

Driving industry transformation

Here are just a few of the many industries embracing the power of digital twins.

Architecture, engineering and construction
Automotive and manufacturing
Government and aerospace
Niko Moreira, Specialist, Sitowise

“Without tools like Unity, we would not be able to offer cost-effective digital twin solutions the same way we are doing now. With Unity constantly improving its product, we can confidently innovate and bring cutting-edge solutions to life.”

Niko Moreira, Specialist, Sitowise
Gregg Pasquarelli, Founding Principal, SHoP Architects

“A digital twin means you can test and solve problems before they're in the real world. So I can't think of anything more important, both from a design, construction, and carbon footprint perspective, as digital twins.”

Gregg Pasquarelli, Founding Principal, SHoP Architects

Why power digital twins with Unity

Leading data ingestion and optimization technology

Bring data from virtually any format (e.g., BIM, CAD) and system (e.g., PLM, ERP, IoT) into Unity for interactive visualization. Our data prep tools import and optimize over 70 formats into a fused, augmented real-time representation of physical assets.

Best-in-class, flexible creation tools

Build and deploy interactive digital twins rapidly and efficiently with the world’s leading real-time 3D platform and other complementary products that enable you to easily create, edit and iterate interactive 3D content, in real-time.

Multiuser interactive collaboration

Expand access to 3D content beyond design and engineering groups. Empower teams across your organization, no matter their location or tech-savviness, to interact with digital twins on mobile phones, tablets, PCs, and AR and VR devices.

Dynamic visualization across devices and platforms

Industry-leading support for more than 20 platforms, including HoloLens, Quest, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and more. Unity is also the leading platform for creating content for AR and VR applications and powers 90% of head-worn AR experiences.

Global developer community

Easily tap into the technical talent you need to build cutting-edge solutions. Our large, active global community of 1.6 million real-time 3D creators spans 190 countries and territories.

Advanced simulation services

Arrive at the right decision faster with Unity’s solutions for sensor and robotics emulation, performance-optimized simulation testing and training, and more.

Case studies

Creating smart, sustainable and safe cities

Learn how Sitowise is rethinking future infrastructure and buildings to create safer environments for daily living using digital twin simulations.

Reimagining Paris with the power of real-time 3D

The evolving digital twin of Paris is casting the city in a new light, deeply engaging its citizens in its urban development.

Investing in digital twins of a city’s metro region

See how the Orlando Economic Partnership (OEP) is investing in digital twins and using real-time data to inform decisions on infrastructure, utilities and business development.

Immersive reality in real estate

Check out BNP Paribas Real Estate’s pioneering digital twin technology and how it’s transforming real estate data analysis.

Start your digital twin journey

Unity Accelerate Solutions

Our team of developers and engineers prototype new products and solutions to validate the approach to your business challenge and iterate rapidly to build custom solutions.

Unity Pro

Create and deploy enterprise applications and immersive experiences with our complete software solution.

Get Unity Industrial Collection to bundle Unity Pro with 3D data prep tools.


Easily and quickly import, prepare, and optimize your large CAD, mesh and point cloud models for real-time visualizations in Unity.

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